Digital Marketing Strategy
India is the fastest growing e-commerce country globally after, first China (with $681 Billion) followed by United States. These insights are not simply to bring up the numbers or the positioning, they are pivotal practically supportive network to comprehend the scale at which online business are blasting in the nation.Continue Reading
digital shift 2
“Digital Marketing” has changed the whole concept of traditional marketing or long time practiced marketing approach. As a business owner you need to understand the value of digital marketing and exploring another medium of increasing business revenue.   According to (Source: The Hindu News Paper) D. Shivakumar, Pepsico India chairman andContinue Reading
Before we start talking about the future of digital marketing, let’s understand what is Digital Marketing and why it is so important. Digital Marketing is promoting or selling (All type of marketing activities) your products/services on digital media or electronics media. Electronics media can be your website, facebook, linkedin, flipkart,Continue Reading