Testimonial from Debi Prasad Panda

Testimonial from Debi Prasad Panda


We heartily congratulate Debi for his successful completion of Digital Marketing Certifications with DizitalSquare. He was very anxious to learn Online Marketing to start his blog and to open up other opportunities before he goes for his higher study. Let’s read what he wants to say about the training.

To all the people who told me, “ You will definitely love Bhubaneswar!”  I will tell them,” I sure did!”

By offering me a training program which was very basic yet professionally challenging, DizitalSquare gave me an opportunity to enhance my professional skills in digital marketing industry and to experience a new work and learning environment.

My training program was very enriching and enabled me to gain a thorough understanding of the digital marketing world. It has been the nicest environment I’ve worked and learnt so far. There is always something positive about it, You can change your career, find a better job, get promoted faster and also work independently as an entrepreneur and always learn something new. Rigorous training procedures, Better learning environment, along with world class experienced faculty lineup. That’s all about it.

Get a line, come experience future here @dizitalsquare

_Debi Prasad Panda _

We wish him a great career ahead get lots of success in his career.- Team DizitalSQuare

Testimonial- Chinmaya Kumar Mishra

Testimonial- Chinmaya Kumar Mishra


Many Congratulations Chinmaya, for successfully completing the Digital Marketing course with us. Read the full testimonial from Chinmaya, how the Quality training from DizitalSQuare helped him to start his career immediate after the course.

DizitalSquare is the best institute for digital marketing in Bhubaneswar. Trainer, Umasankar Sir is a good trainer. He helped me in all the field of digital marketing during   the training. I learned so many thing from him also learn good thing about digital marketing, about life, how to crack the interviews.

During training, He gave me a new website (Project) for practical also helped me how to customize and optimize the work during course. He helped for blogging also. Now I have 2 blogs in DizitalSquare which is valuable for digital marketers.  Training is so good and I enjoyed the theory class as well as practical part.

In over all I have to say that my experience is very good and enjoyable. Trainer is very good, well experienced. He explains very well, so that you can understand easily. Also he helped me in all problem that I faced in class and outside. He encouraged me all the time.

Thank you Sir & DizitalSquare, for your guidance and helping me to choose a better career life.

-Chinmaya Kumar Mishra

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