Before we start talking about the future of digital marketing, let’s understand what is Digital Marketing and why it is so important.

Digital Marketing is promoting or selling (All type of marketing activities) your products/services on digital media or electronics media. Electronics media can be your website, facebook, linkedin, flipkart, amazon, blogs etc…

As you know, of late, people are spending more time on internet, browsing different e-commerce,  social network site, browsing products, sharing photos, videos, reading blogs/articles. Slowly a virtual market place has been created on web, where people no need to visit the store physically. They can buy, sell or promote their business anytime, anywhere.

Entrepreneurs or business owners are finding, digital marketing is a very cheap and highly targeted advertising solution for their business as compare to traditional marketing, like ; TV Ads, Newspaper, Ads etc


Future of digital Marketing?

Yes, Digital Marketing is one of those words, repeatedly spoken in past couple of years. Whats does that mean? Is there something wrong with the people or some annoying things happening in the people’s mind?


Let’s put some points on the table to make it understandable. When I say the most spoken keyword, I mean, yes, people are getting knowledgeable about it, talking about it, and exploring it.

Survey says,by 2017 about 600 million business persons are already experienced the business opportunity through digital marketing. And this number will go in multiplication over the years. So the future of the the marketing is going to be definitely the Digital Marketing. The growth of start-ups are also another factor that pushes the internet media to increase the business opportunities. Even Indian Government motivates for to go digital through Digital India Campaign. 

There are 900 private TV channels, 250+ radio stations who has dominated the traditional market so far but the metrics for conversion and the tracking system is not be helping the business owners to take the investment decision. Whereas digital marketing solutions or tools , like, Google Ad-words, Analytics, are really helping the each money spent on promotions.

Finally to conclude the ambiguity, we have seen there is a market, i.e. booming and we have control on our budget and tracking the conversions as well.

Lets’s explore more!!!


Growth of Digital Marketing

According to survey, the worth of Digital Marketing Industry is $68B. Last year, advertising through mobile and tablets, rose upto 200% a value of $6B. This market speculating to reach $7.8B soon (source: eMarketer). This forecast shows the growth of Digital Marketing and high demand of digitally skilled marketing professionals.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

When I talk about the scope of Digital Marketing, I mean the scope is both from the employment side as well the revenue prospective.

Very simple !!!

When you target to grow your business online, then you need more skilled resources. So both the employee and employer are going to get benefit of boom of Digital marketing Industry. The idea is shifting more to digital media. Experts say, it is not replacing the traditional market (TV, Radio, etc), but adding another effective media of generating revenue.

Ranking → Traffic → Conversions → Revenue

To continue…

Digital Marketing, is still at initial stage in India. Most of the companies are still thinking to adopt the new technology, whereas, some companies are already enjoying the outcome of this medium. The large population of India (40% of the total population, around 45 Crore) and the technology savvy among them, will drive the Indian traditional market to Online. The corporate will love to engage this skilled youth in their future projects, so it will be a win-win situation for both employee and employer.


No doubt, Digital Marketing will stay, the most powerful, effective way of marketing in future And it will be the first most choice for all.