Digital Marketing Placement Update

Placement Update:

We are glad to share our students who are successfully placed in various companies in Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Development, Java, Android.

DizitalSquare is committed to to produce Skilled & Productive resources for Industries. We focus on Industry Standard training and engage Senior Experts from organisations, so the need and requirement can be fulfilled.

Here are some of the placement updates of our students. This is not the complete list as we are not allowed publish all.

Harsh Placement
Romiya Placement
Rashmi Placement
Priya Placement
Amrita Placement Digital Marketing
Srusti Placement- Digital Marketing
Sanjay Placement
Aditya Placement
Pratyushna Placement
Ranjan Placement
Sourav Placement
Paresh Placement
Swati placement
Shraddha Placement
Nahid Placement
Radhika Placement
Rahul Placement
Chinmaya Placement
Mansur Placement Digital Marketing
Chandan Placement

Keep visiting for more placement updates in future.

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