Career Options in IT Industry

Graduation Completed? Confused of higher study or Job?

Choosing between higher studies and jobs is purely personal choice. If your family support you financially for two years so, I feel that joining higher studies.

If your family can’t support, I suggest you joining job oriented courses for few months.

As we know IT industry is booming, this is the perfect time to learn new technology and get into IT jobs.

When it comes to choose one of the many emerging technology, its not easy to select one or stick to one technology.

To help you to choose the right one i have listed 6 Top Career Options for you to get into IT Industry, which can give you a better future and job satisfaction.

These top job options in IT industry based on several factors, including salary, job outlook, and education requirements. Hope you like them.

Now start reading them quickly.

6 Top Career Options in IT Industry:

  1. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Data Analyst
  4. DevOps Engineer
  5. Information Security Analyst
  6. Digital Marketing

Let’s look on the average Salary, Job Opportunities & required skills for the above list of latest trending technologies.

1.Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial Intelligence
  • Average Base Salary: ₹8,01,201 Per Anum
  • Job Growth, 2019-20: 344%

I would say it’s decent but going to increase in the future.

AI/Machine Learning Engineer are in high demanded technology because, Its use in robotics.

This technology focuses on automation field. In current IT industry, most of products use the AI (ML, NLP, CV,etc.) and they are Big distributed systems oriented. Making AI and Machine Learning by far the best IT jobs for the future by most measures.

Skills required to become an AI Engineer:
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Algorithm design and development
  • Programming Language
  • Maths
  • Graphic Design
  • Robotics
  • Data Pre-processing

2.Data Scientist

Data Scientist
  • Average Base Salary: ₹10,50,000 Per Anum
  • Job Growth, 2019-20: 56%

The burst demand for data scientists is representative of a need that will not slow down anytime soon. Every organizations and businesses are collecting more and more data every day. So it’s more important than everto have experts skilled in data science.

Skills required to become a Data Scientist
  • Statistics
  • Programming
  • Big Data
  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Munging
  • Tool Box
  • Data-Driven Problem Solving

3.Data Analyst

Data Analyst
  • Average Base Salary: ₹403,830 Per Anum
  • Job Growth, 2019-20: 16%

In today’s data is king in business world. Every organisations or Business are collecting and focusing more and more data every day. A data analyst collects,performs and processes statistical of data. The day -to- day data analysts job varies depending on the industry or Company.

Data analyst may be responsible for creating dashboards Designing and maintaining relationship databases and system.

Skills required to become a Data Analyst
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • Basic SQL skills.
  • Basic web development skills.
  • Data mapping skills

4.DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer
  • Average Base Salary: ₹ 670,713 Per Anum
  • Job Growth, 2019-20: 7%

The DevOps field is already in high demand in IT companies.If you ever Got into this field it would good career option. Responsibilities of DevOPs Engineer include deploying product updates, identifying Production issues and implementing integrations that meet customer Needs.

DevOps Engineer to help us build functional systems that Improve customer experience.

Skills required to become a DevOps Engineer
  • Strong Communication and Collaboration skills
  • Understanding of Major DevOps Tools
  • Software Security Skills
  • Cloud Skills
  • Testing Skills
  • Coding and Scripting Skills

5.Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst
  • Average Base Salary: ₹537330 Per Anum
  • Job Growth, 2019-20: 32%

Information Security Analyst is most important field in IT industry. Now more organisations are moving towards digital technologies. That’s why every organisations need Information Security Analyst. Every IT company is now investing in security of application. Information Security Analysts are protect user data and company information.

Skills required to become a Information Security Analyst
  • Analytical ability
  • Deep Understanding of Risk Management Frameworks
  • Security Tools and Data
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Detail Oriented

6.Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
  • Average Base Salary: ₹200000 Per Anum
  • Job Growth, 2019-20: 24%

In 2020 the world is going digital. So many organisation are moving towards digital technology. A smart phone has become the basic need for Everyone. Every organisations want to advertising and promoting their Product and services through the internet to increase the reach.

Compared to traditional marketing these are some key benefits which make this marketing strategy more effective and affordable. So future of digital marketing is going to be bright in India. According to indeed and Naukry there are number of jobs opening in digital Marketing.

Read more to understand the future of digital marketing.

Skills required to become a Digital Marketer
  • Data Analysis
  • Writing and Editing skills
  • SEO and PPC skills
  • Email marketing skills
  • Video marketing skills
  • Social media skills
  • Paid social media advertising skills
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Basic Design Skills


You may have the education, the skills, the experience and still are having
Problems finding the right job to your interest with growth. This is right time to accept the new technological skills and get ready for the competition. Hope you have really got benefited of my listed article on TOP 6 Career Options in IT Industry.