7 Easy tips to write blog

Are you really interested in writing better and excellent blog for your content? If yes, You’re in the right place now. I may not be a popular blogger! just trust me, I’m good reader though. Hence this is going to be a reader perspective blog written for bloggers.

I’m happy to share seven easy tips which would definitely help you in correcting few unavoidable common blogging mistakes.

Are you a new blogger? Want to know how to connect with your reader? Do you want to know the best tips and strategies to implement in your blog? As this blog answers all of the above queries, I’m saving all your valuable time here. Let’s start discussing the blogging tip one by one.

1. Be Yourself

Be Yourself
Act Man-like
  • Write in the way as you talk. Let your reader experience a human personality (not a Robot) in your writing. This will help your readers to enjoy more just like interacting with another person.
The Author’s voice
  • What to do to keep your visitors coming back again and again? Visitors will return not only if they like the specific subject but also your writing style. The most important part of any blog is what you say and how you say it.
  • Avoid using boring, repetitive and uninteresting tone throughout the blog. Make it fun and interesting.
  • If you are writing any serious natured blog, you can still engage your readers by sharing stories, personal experiences (But please don’t share any irrelevant wonderful things and make our readers feel crazy about you).
  • Bonus tip – My own style of writing didn’t come easily, I started trying/experimenting different tones initially and then then found my own natural style. Being yourself will actually bring a closer connection with your reader.

2. Plan Your Blog Post

Plan your blog post
Analyze your reader
  • Examine your reader in detail and try to fulfil their expectations with your article. Choose a blog topic based on reader’s interest, I know choosing a topic is actually tougher than writing a blog.
  • Always remember that you all have such natural super extra skills to write about any topic which has been proved since your school days. So be strong to choose any blog topic that attract your readers and put your 100% effort.
  • Do a good research, collect some interesting facts and finally narrow down your content for the blog. 

Bonus tip Use different forums and try to find out the questions and problems that readers search for. Make sure that your blog has all answers for it. Your great content is ready now!

3. Catchy Blog Title

Scannable blog content
How to grab Reader’s attention
  • Your reader will actually type any keyword on the search engine, then so many results will be displayed on the search page. Among which your blog headline should be catchy, great and interestingly written.
  • Title should compel the reader to click on it. It should be a Self-explanatory title.
  • Some blog will have an amazing attracting superb headline but the blog content will explain something else apart from that headline. Have you experienced anything like that? Please ensure that you have a promising relevant blog content for your beautiful title else you may lose the reader’s trust.

4. Scannable Blog Content

Scannable blog post

If any post seems to be longer, I will immediately scroll down to find the length of the blog. I know, I’m always scared of reading such a long body of text. Do you feel the same?

Split-up your content
  • Even though, the written content is appealing and the content is not easy to read, readers will never come back to your blog. Then what is the way to attract readers? By helping people scan your blog posts easily with a good format and layout and telling them what they will find in it, you can attract them to read the full post.
  • At first, break all that long texts in to easy small manageable blocks/paragraphs. Choose a decent blog design. Create shorter paragraphs using simple sentences.
  • Give a proper sub heading, use lists wherever necessary. Please don’t do keyword over stuffing as the blog is written for humans to read.

Bonus tip – Try to grab the reader’s attention in the first few paragraphs or sentences, if not they will stop reading the post.

5. Use Images

Use Images

Do you remember pictures or words better? It’s obvious that visuals and illustrations have more mass appeal than usual boring lifeless written content. You know, sometimes I read post purely because I like the image.

Why Pictures are more powerful?
  • Pictures speaks louder than words. Images logically separate the content and reader will understand the content more easily.
  • Image create a long lasting impression in reader’s mind so reader will visit blog again and again.
  • When you add a customized relevant image, it will add additional value to your effort.
  • The best way to grab reader’s attention is adding suitable and supportive images. You can include images, animated graphics, infographics, customised graphs or charts etc.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

Call To Action

The most important tip is to add a clear call-to-action in your blog post. CTA actually depends on what kind of response you’re looking for from your reader.

Implement effective CTA
  • How do you encourage your reader to comment/interact/share opinion & promoting social sharing etc? All these can be achieved by using a proper CTA as it is an efficient way for building community.
  • If you’re running any business, then make your CTA most powerful and favorable for your business. You can create a sense of urgency in any interesting way to sign up/submit/download your products. Many people will have a different landing page to achieve it. But make sure that you don’t panic your reader feeling that he/she wrongly landed into a different website. Always use a clear and prompt landing page.

7. Conclusion

  • Conclusion is also an important part in blog writing as many people like me sometimes read the conclusion and comments at first and then start to read the post from the top. In conclusion, Summarize your post very shortly as your reader already know it’s the end of all your long stories.
  • You can also ask questions at the end of blog post. This may bring some discussion in your comment section. But you know many times, the discussion would be something which is apart from the question asked by the blogger.

Bonus Tip – Do you have anyone who often find mistakes in everything you do? If yes, please let that person to review your blog post before publishing. Trust me this tip will work.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog. Bring out the beautiful blogger in you. Check out this blog, If you want to learn “How to Write Articles – Basic Steps and Easy Formatting Tips”

It’s your turn now.  If you have any other tips for writing blog you can share it in comments and also share your valuable feedback.


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