Google Rolls Out Auto Ads for Your Blog to Improve Placement & Monetization.

If you are a blogger or planning to start your own blog, then you must know how the Adsense Monetization works with blogs. It will help you to continue  your earnings without any policy violations.

Day-to-day Google is changing its algorithm to monitor the automation and manipulated traffic sources to the blogs and suspending the Adsense Accounts.

Recently, Google has announced its automatic Ad Placement concept to give you the best earning experience. You need to place a tracking code on your monetization pages and allow google to do the remaining job for you. Google will monitor your audience flow, their engagement on your content and  exit points as well.

Then, it will decide to show your Ad-Choice Ads to the visitors and try to get more clicks or impressions out of it, helping you to increase your earnings.

Want to know, how to integrate the Auto Ads on your blog… 

Read Full Article Here:Adsense-Auto-Ads


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