Basic digital marketing skills

Basic Skills Required for Digital Marketers to Start With

In 2018, Digital Marketing is a very attractive and demanding career option in the market. Students and job seekers are failing to take benefit of this opportunity as lack of the basic skills to deal with digital marketing and its complexity. To clear this confusion and have a clarity in choosing a digital marketing as a career option, i will explain, the required Basic Skills for a Digital Marketer.

Let’s get started,

Digital Marketing is one of the most promising career now a days.It is developing & dynamic.Here scope is endless & demand  for Digital Marketers is rising day by day.

Digital marketing  deals with general science which involves understanding of concepts,advancing technology,and the latest trends.So let’s try and understand what Basic Skills Required for a Digital marketer, that explain below. 

Basic Technical Skills:-

Digital Marketing industry moves very Quickly, and as a Modern Digital Marketer you are probably gaining Technical skills by the handful But what Technical skills capture an employer’s eyes in 2018? What sets their hearts a-thumping? What makes industry say, “We need to hire this one .Today i will share with you what Technical Skills you add your Resume in 2018 ,if you are looking for a Digital Marketing job.



1. Writing Skills:-

It is one of the most important skills for beginners in Digital marketing industry.It needs to Remember that Writing for Digital Marketing is different from Creative writing but Role like‘‘Content marketer & Social media marketer”you need to take care of your spelling and grammar in Writing.For example, if you are Writing a blog or Website content for your client you need Excellent Writing skills to capture the attention of the Reader. So that you effectively communicate your Client message.

2. Image Editing and Design Skills:-

For Being a fresher in Digital marketing industry you don’t need to be professional Graphic designer, but basic image editing skills are always handy for Digital Marketers.For example, if you upload an image for any blog , Article etc but the image is not meeting the desire size limit that time you should know how to edit the image. So that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop to enhance the image to look better or else there are various image editing tool is available .

Remember a picture says more than Thousand word. 

3. Knowledge on HTML:-

For a Digital marketer don’t need Advance HTML coding skills, But some basic Skills of HTML is very handy.For example, how to formatting a blog post , making changes to a email newsletter templates and so on.

4. WordPress Management Skills:-

WordPress is the most important Technical skills to learn for Everyone .(Either he/she is a Technical or non-technical person ) to start a career in Digital Marketing . It is a good platform for a digital Marketer to make his/her own website. It is very useful like how to upload a page ,post , images ,videos , with the help of basic wordpress themes and plugins.

Wordpress Customization

Basic Soft Skills:-

The difference between a good and a great digital marketer can sometimes be hard to determine. While certifications, education, and training look great on a resume, soft skills are also an important way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. Many necessary digital marketing qualities aren’t learned in a set amount of time; instead, they’re innate or cultivated through years of hard work and experience. Here are some soft skills you need to drive your digital marketing career forward.

soft skill

1. Passion & Practice for Marketing:-

Digital marketing is different from Traditional marketing so you need to be genuine passion for Marketing.You need to know the basic of marketing Skills like market segmentation and making yourself stand out from others.You should have natural hunger for achieving numbers and targets.For Digital marketing you should practice a lot ,

”Always remember a good practitioner is a good Digital marketer”.


2. Creative & Analytical Ability:-

In Digital Marketing industry creative & Analytical skills are plays a key role for a Digital marketer.Digital marketers need to have a creative bent of mind to come up with original and unique marketing ideas.They need to be creative to anticipate what the user wants from a campaign and use their imagination to capture the prospects attention.

3. Communication Skills:-

As a digital marketer, you will be communicating a lot – whether it is with your clients or your team members.
For those involved in client management roles, they need to clearly understand the client’s requirements for a specific campaign. And for those involved in actual digital marketing, there is a lot of communication involved with other team members. For example, if you are into social media marketing, you will be communicating a lot with the designing or creative team, and you should be able to clearly spell out your requirements. Or if you work for an agency, you will be required to send out monthly reports to your clients.

How These Skills Will Helps to Become a Digital Marketer?

Digital Marketing is differ from Traditional Marketing .Here some points given below just follow it

  • In Digital Marketing we can generate extra ordinary leads as compared to Traditional Marketing.
  • Everything is traceable and measurable i.e not possible in Traditional Marketing .
  • We can make correction in live campaign in Digital marketing that option is not available in Traditional Marketing.
  • Digital marketing is very cost effective as compared to Traditional Marketing.

If you wants to know more about the benefits of Digital Marketing click here

Can Anyone be a Digital Marketer?

  • Students ,job-seekers can join to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.
  • MBA/Engineering/MCA Graduates can build their career in Digital Marketing.
  • Sales/Marketing/HR working professionals can switch to Digital Marketing for growth and job satisfaction.
  • Entrepreneurs/Business owners to manage their Digital Marketing strategy or manage a team.
  • Traditional marketing faculties should join and switch to Digital Marketer.
  • blogger/Internet lovers to get paid through internet.

Here some FAQs about Digital Marketing for Beginners


These are some of the basic skills Required for a Digital Marketer. While you will require formal training in various aspects like SEO and SEM, but these are the starting points to keep in mind before you take up any training. You need to have a natural inclination for some of these skills, such as creativity or analytical or marketing skills. However, all the other skills can be acquired and developed overtime.

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