Content Writing Tips for Beginners to Gain More Traffic

Are you going to start your website or blog? or Want to edit your current web pages or posts? It’s important to have a good and solid content strategy to improve your website or blog.

One thing note, your content is the heart of your website or blog. Content is the main reason why people visit your site. A simple and quality content will also help your site to rank on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and gain more traffic.

In this article, I will give you tips to create good content for your website or blog that will attract more traffic.

Let’s start –

4 Content Writing Tips for Beginners:

Content Writing Tips for Beginners to Gain More Traffic
1. Write user-friendly content:

Anyone who wants to write a website or blog must be aware of the type of content that people are searching for or want to read. For example, if you are going to create a blog on a specific niche let say, on a Fashion blog. You can do some research or observation on what keywords people are searching on search engines, and what to write that will convert your viewers into customers or clients. There are some resources and tools (viz. Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Trends, SEMrush, and many more), available to assist you in determining the keywords and phrases that are more engaging and people are searching on the search engine.

2. Define your Goal:

What’s the goal of your site or article is a very crucial part of your content. Knowing what you and people want – will help to map out a clear plan that will help to promote your content to the world.

3. Using the right language:

It’s very important to write the content the same language as your audience understands. Avoid using complex or jargon words, instead write simple, meaningful, and verbiage that can be understandable by your target audience. For example, if your audience is more technical then you can write content using technical language, and let’s say your audience is more interested in the regional language then you can use vernacular language.

Always keep in mind, you are writing content not for you but for your audience or clients, and what and how you can help them through content is very important.

 4. Create Schedule Post:

You may get lost in a lot of tasks and busy in your daily routine and may forget to write/post content. It’s very crucial to maintain a schedule of your post. It will help you to track the date of your post and post list. Further, you may get more time to write your next content, search keywords, have your next content ready in time, update your previous post, and some extra time to interact with your clients and audience.

Some extra tips to boost your content

Content Writing Tips for Beginners to Gain More Traffic
 1. Use Active voice

Always write content using the active voice instead of the passive voice. For Example – instead of writing ”A car was sold” write ” I sold the car”. You can see, active voice sounds better and informative than passive voice. It will help a reader to understand what you are trying to say through content. That’s why active voice is a reader’s friend.

2. Write relevant title and headline

Title and headline(s) are the brains of your content. Through the title, the reader will know what the content or article is all about. Let’s say, your article is about “lockdown affected economy”, then the title/headline you can create – How lockdown affected economy? or How lockdown affected the economy globally? Always write the title and headline that are SEO-friendly keywords, matching the article and content.

3. Write to the point

Writing a short article with valuable content is better than a long article with unnecessary content. In this busy world, people rely on meaningful content/information which is helpful for them. Always provide relevant content on your site.

Last but not least, having original and relevant content will help your audience to stay and move more through your sites. I hope now you are ready to post your next article with confidence using the above tips.