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Just a week to go until December, the last month of 2023. What are you up to now? Just thinking and dreaming?

In 2023, we have already assisted more than 100 students in kickstarting their careers or transitioning into the field of Digital Marketing, averaging about 8-10 students per month. And we have ambitious plans to place even more individuals in the year 2024.

We are truly delighted to share that the only common character among all these students has been their positive intention to ‘Learn and Grow.

In our everyday lives, we often come across various forms of motivation and dream about our future. We make plans for our careers, but more often than not, we find excuses or seek shortcuts to success, which ultimately obstruct our personal growth.

If you are reading this message, trust us, you have that unique ‘X’ factor that can push you to excel in your career or create something unique.

The question now is, ‘How?’

The answer is simple and straightforward: ‘Action.

Yes, take action, connect with people, and remain open to learning whenever an opportunity arises. Acquire the latest skills and keep yourself updated with industry changes.

Every month, we launch a new batch with different time slots to accommodate a wide range of participants, from students to working professionals, job seekers to entrepreneurs.

If you believe you can make a difference in your life and need assistance with your career, then contact us today. Discover how our students are building their own fortunes, how we support them, and much more.”

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