Career Trends

Choosing a right career path can be highly rewarding both in terms of future growth prospect and monetary benefits received. Gone are the days when people used to choose conventional careers .Now-a-days more and more people are coming forward to embrace unconventional career paths. Let’s have a look at some of the emerging career trends in 2021.

If you are either going to start your career or looking forward to switch your career then this article is for you.

Emerging Careers In Technology

1.Cyber security expert

While internet users are booming all over the world, so are the threats to the internet users and data . Lately,there has been many cases of cyber attacks.Especially large companies need to secure their network from the attacks and prevent data loss. Many companies are giving priority to their cyber security and lately many vacancies are being generated in this domain. Career in this field can sound cool but is highly responsible. This role is always relevant irrespective of the economic conditions of the country and are less prone to job loss.

More companies are investing in cybersecurity

On an average a cyber security expert with 2-4 years of work experience can earn anything between 6-9 lakhs.

2.Cloud Engineer

In the present scenario, many companies are moving to cloud for data storage because it gives enterprise-class technology. It is also very easy to use. Hence, a large demand of cloud engineers is being seen in the market. There are different roles of a cloud engineer like cloud architect, cloud devops and cloud sysops. As there are less number of experts in this field in the current scenario there is a large scope of career development in this field.

Cloud Engineering
Cloud technology is being preferred by many companies

A cloud engineer with some professional experience can get anything between 8-10 lakhs on an average.

3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

There has been a growing use of artificial engineer in every domain of life. AI uses is projected to grow at a fast rate in the coming years.So there will be a requirement of engineers who could develop AI systems ,AI machines that have the ability to learn and utilize the existing knowledge . Many more companies are coming forward to invest in this technology and industries are looking to automate certain aspects of work. Hence this career is one of the hottest trends that will emerge.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is being projected as the future

An AI Engineer can expect anything between 5-8 lakhs on an average.

4. Data Scientist

Although not a completely related to technology but data science deals with aspects of technology. Considered as the ‘sexiest job of 21st century’ data scientists are in demand . Large or small firms require to analyze large amounts of complex raw or processed data to find patterns that will benefit the organization and will drive strategic business decisions.Hence data scientist is a career that you can consider if you love analyzing and statistics.

A data scientist can expect anything between 6-8 lakhs on an average.

Above, we saw the emerging career trends in technical field. But if you are not much interested in technology and want to pursue a career in non technical fields then read below.

Emerging Careers In Non-Technical

1.Digital Marketing

With increasing use of social media platforms and websites , companies are spending an increasing amount of money on digital platforms for advertising. Digital marketers are expected to manage advertising campaigns, seo and content for companies. Digital spending by companies is expected to reach $398,762mn in 2021 and will grow further. So acquiring skills in this area can benefit one in the long run. If you are a social media nerd and have the appetite for creating contents or want to acquire marketing skills then this profile is for you.

Digital Marketing
Digital spending is increasing

A digital marketer can earn anything between 3-6 lakhs on an average.

2.Product Management

Have you ever used different products like android applications or several other tools? Product managers are responsible for the step-by-step development of such products and for development of different strategy regarding the business. A role of product manager is very important for an organisation and can be highly rewarding.

Product Manager

A product manager can earn 6-8 lakhs at early stage of career.

3.UX/UI Designer

The user experience while interacting with websites and applications is very crucial to any business. A good experience can drive forward the business while a bad experience can drive away potential customers. As a UX/UI designer you will be responsible for designing the interfaces of products. The career trend is booming recently and also there is ample scope for freelancing. If you have creativity and designing skills ,then surely you can give a try.

The average salary can be anything depending upon if you are working as a freelancer or working in some organisation. You can get anything between 5-8 lakhs.

Although there are many other career trends that are on a rise but these are some handpicked trends that have seen a rapid growth in the recent years.Before choosing any career check what suits your interest and in which job you can sustain longer.