Diversity Update

Its officially confirmed now, Google has been rolled out its new algorithm update known as “Google Diversity Update” across globe.

This month June of 2019 we have been witnessed to updates from Google to its algorithm. One is core update know as June 2019 Core Update and other one is Diversity Update. Both are very exclusive update but has happened in the 1st week of June.

Google Diversity Update – Key Points to Know

So what we know so far about the update-

  1. Exerts say its a minor update
  2. MOZ also mentioned the change is just marginal
  3. And google started upgrading Diversity update during its June Core Update

So let’s dig into the update now. Should we be worried for this? Any changes to be done from our side?

What is Google Diversity Update?

According to report, domains able to rank their multiple pages for one keyword is not going to happen in future. The new change will give chance to other sites as well. It means to diversify the listing.

As per the site diversity change SERP wont allow more than two listings for one domain.

Yes, but not always.

Google said, though it has reserved two listings per domain, does not mean it will stop showing the best and relevant results, where the user get benefited. Google’s Danny Sulvian said, the restriction is not for all the listings but only about the main web search listings. It not including things like featured snippets, map listings, etc.

The conclusion

Google said, the change is not really about ranking. but some update to the SERP to provide diversity listings. Sites ranking strongly wont change their position and should not be worried of it.

So finally, Google Diversity Update is just an improvement of Google SERP feature. i.e. Show the diversified result to its audience.


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