Satyjit Testimonial

We are pleased and proud to share our student feedbacks on our courses and maintain the same quality for future as well. Here as another testimonial from Satyajit, who is pursuing his MBA from IMI, Bhubaneswar, one of the top B,School in India.

Let’s here from Satyjit, what he says about his experience with DizitalSquare.

The main feature of dizitalsquare and of-course the course is that Advanced digital marketing was taught from basic level to advanced level, by highly experienced mentor. Some of the best learning takes place through experience in the field and improvising techniques of learning to yield best results.

Being a marketing professional I want do learn marketing digitally and pace of digital change is rising exponentially and to connect a business or organization with targeting audience through digital channels.

Being a working professional along with industry and corporate trainer for digital marketing, Sir was technically sound and his techniques to teach was more intense, dedicated and engaging students in learning. His teaching techniques with students was awesome and attitude towards a student, which will prepare students for life long learning.

The practical approach was infographic, SEO, Conversion optimization, SMM ,Email marketing, advertisements, SMS marketing and how marketing tools is used to interact with targeting with your brand or business. Mobile internet will be the next wave of information dissemination and communication channels, so I learnt a lot about the better revenues for a e-marketer.

I am quite grateful to dizitalsquare and Umasankar Sir for guiding me about the entire journey to learn digitally. Starting from 0 to 10, I learnt a lot about Digital marketing. I would suggest that world is growing digitally and everyone should grow digitally. The demand for digital marketing is growing at flying speed and the market demands this skill. Everyone should go for this.

“I really appreciated all my Advance digital marketing Classes with DizitalSquare. Being a work ex and student, I found myself working in a Digital environment that I was going to be make me 100% digital.

Time was an issue. Being speedy in ramping up my learning was one of my main goals. The institute helped me create a tailored course where the best teacher worked with me at the institute during my flexible time or any spare time that I could find in my busy days.

Overall, from a professional and personal point of view, I strongly recommend DizitalSquare to any student who wants tailored support and dedicated attention in the Digital world.”

… Satyajit

We wish him all the very best to get all the success in his future.